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CHEAP VS EXPENSIVE: Gymnastics Equipment!

Hi, I’m Megan. I’m Ciera and I’m Maggie and we’re from the Cheernastics2. Welcome to TC Tuesday Today we are going to be doing another cheap vs expensive video. So we have a cheap mat and a cheap beam and then our normal mats and beam.
So we know the word cheap can be used relative some of you guys may think that these are not cheap But for sure they are cheaper than the alternative which is going to be name-brand gymnastics products So, yeah. We also were just like trying to make sure that we had decent comparisons rather than like literally having those like puzzle mats vs like an actual mat, we wanted to make sure that we actually had a true test so they’re still way more like way cheaper than Normal gymnastics products.
Also before we get started make sure you subscribe to our channel by clicking the button down below and make sure you press the Bell icon to become part of our notification squad and let’s get started So we’re each going to be doing two skills on each of the gymnastics mats we’re going to be rating them one through five Based on it usefulness and how well they cushion.
For usefulness, We just kind of mean if you can actually use the mat so if it’s like too small And there’s a size issue that obviously makes it less useful so that’s what that means first we’re going to give you guys some information about our expensive mat which is from TumblTrak and the dimensions are 5 feet by 10 feet and the mat is 2 inches thick and it is 282 dollars. So all together we agreed on a rating for the mat for usefulness.
We are giving it a five out of five and for how well it cushions we’re also giving it a five out of five you just can’t go wrong with this mat It’s perfect for like it’s kind of like hard and soft at the same time, but if its too soft It’s going to be like almost harder on your landing. So this is perfect for Cushioning you but also giving you a stable landing area It’s also a very very large mat so you can do a lot of stuff on it and it folds up So it is nice for storage.
Next we have our cheaper option for a gymnastics mat which we got from Walmart So the dimensions of it are two feet by six feet and it is one and a half inches thick, and it is $27.98 So now that we got done using our cheap gymnastics mat we’re going to be rating it. So for usefulness. We are giving it a four out of five So if you guys couldn’t tell like obviously in the videos the mat was a little short for some skills But if you think about it, this is like It’s already to like be Velcroed together there’s Velcro all along the sides and like flaps and stuff and so you could literally build up your own mat and make it the size you need it probably still for a Cheaper price and not for how well it cushions, we are giving it an a five out of five I thought this was like a pretty similar landing to our actual mat.
I really actually like the landing again It was like soft but also hard, so it was a good mat. it had good cushioning? And if you build up the size it really would be pretty similar to some of our mats we have. So, for the balance beams we’re each going to be doing two skills on each beam And we’re also going to be judging them on their usefulness and their quality So if we’re usefulness is kind of the same thing as the mat so it’s based on How well we can use it based on like its size and its dimensions and stuff, and then the second thing is Quality based on what it’s made out of if we like feel like it’s good quality.
Now we’re going to give you guys some information about our expensive gymnastics beam which is from resilite, and the dimensions of it are It’s 8 feet long by 4 inches – that’s how wide a normal beam is And then it is 6 inches off the ground it is 228 Dollars all right, so we Collectively agreed on a rating of one through five for the beam, so for usefulness We are giving the beam five out of five stars. We love this beam.
It is my favorite practice beam ever Mm-hmm It’s so awesome it just has like some nice height, but it still is like not as hard as an actual beam so it’s perfect for practice and as far as quality we also are going to give it a 5 out of 5 Again like Megan said it’s like hard and soft at the same time and since it is soft enough for you to fall on it wouldn’t hurt but it’s hard enough where you can like actually grip it and still have like a stable surface, so this is a great beam.
Next we have our cheaper option for a gymnastics beam we also got this from Walmart So the dimensions are 4 inches because that’s again the width of a normal beam by 8 feet and then it is 2.4 inches off the ground and it is $39.98 So next we have our cheap gymnastics beam it folds up.
Which is great and then this is what it looks like obviously, so for usefulness We’re going to give this a 4 out of 5 so obviously it’s a beam It’s a line you can do your skills on it I really like the height of this yeah, it’s over close to the ground But also like tall enough where you got like hold on to the side, it was kind of like firm But except for like a point off because it’s kind of like sinks when you’re on it yeah like my hands can’t sink here right now.
We’re also that kind of lead us into quality we’re going to give that a 3 out of 5 It’s the weirdest thing to explain to you guys like if you stand on the top it just kinda feel like you’re standing on a box I feel like there’s a cardboard on top or something. it’ll sink, so it gets like wrinkly. it like the fabric you know the fabric bunches up. so if you’re doing a turn or something your toes can get caught?
Yeah my toe literally burrows, but it just feels like they’re going to like say fabric I think if you were to like do this on a like harder floor With a mat on top like it would be better. It might take away from the flimsiness of it Yeah, we’re on the grass obviously so thats our score for this one all right So now at least finish using all of the gymnastics products that we got , its time to determined what products We think is most worth it for its price ? So for the gymnastics beam we’re honestly kind of split on this just because this beam is so cheap But it’s got like that weird boxy feeling and the fabric is kind of weird and our beam actually like pretty expensive.
It’s 228 right Yes, but its also like really really great quality, and I honestly don’t think there’s anything wrong with it so we decided that we would just let you guys take whatever beam you want for what’s most important to you if price is that You’re concerned this beam would works absolutely fine You will be able to use it just fine, and if price isn’t a huge concern then the other beam is what I’d recommend Also for the mat we did choose this mat for being more worth its price yes, yeah, wow that was just confusing Because you can put more together, and there’s nothing really like bad about it Just like the size yeah, it has like handles which is super convenient for carrying around.
Yeah, like travel size. So you can honestly buy more than just one of this mat and still be less at like your price You can build it which ever way you want. so the mat was totally a win, it works just fine and the only Bad thing is the size but then you can obviously build it more and they have the Velcro, so that’s why I picked it.
We hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did, please give it a thumbs up let’s try and get this video to 20,000 thumbs up also if you’d like a chance to be the pinned comment Just comment down below which product that you would most likely buy and we’ll see you on Friday. Bye