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[music intro] Hey guys,what’s up? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com And we’re back at the board here and as you can probably see this is no eyes shark, this is actually the name of something that a lot of you guys are probably familiar with, and I think it’s time that we do a supple review on something called 1,3-DIMETHYLAMYLAMINE, or more familiar called 1,3 DIMETH. It’s in almost every single pre workout these days, and I’m just m I just figured I would tell you that I don’t like and I think I’m gonna show you why.
I think it’s ok for everyone to say , to take a stance and make an opinion on something, but just try to support it with a little bit of evidence, just to say: hey, maybe you should think twice about it, before you put this in your body. And I just wanna lay out why and what. First of all, the history on this stuff, it’s got a lot of names. It can be called DMAA, METHYLHEXANAMINE or GERANAMINE, and the reason why it’s called GERANAMINE, it’s that actually derivative it was taken from a geranium plant, and extracted from there, I think it was China or Japan, that part I’m not really sure about, but that’s where they’re initially founded .
And then, here in the States, Eli Lily was gonna use it to treat as a nasal decongestant, number one and then also to treat like, overgrowth of mouth tissue. So, if that’s what your goal is when you’re out there in the gym pumping iron and you wanna treat mouth tissue growth, maybe this is for you. But, really, honestly all can decide that that was the history of it.
And them people then came out and said that it was dangerous because recently because they said chemically is the same thing as a Methamphetamine. But that’s not true guys. You know, I wanna go back to before I was a physical therapist, I was actually a biochem guy, I was a physio-neurobiologist major in college, and I loved organic chemistry.
So, if you let me just kind of show you some real basic stuff, I promise I won’t bore you. 1,3 DIMETH looks like this and doesn’t really to mean anything to you, but this is the chemical structure of 1,3 DIMETH. And the structure of EPHEDERINE which we know is sort of has this, the same effects and we’ll talk about the effects in a second here.
And it looks like this, again a little bit of similar structure, but it’s got this, this fellow group, is what this is called on here, this is carbon group on the end. As does an AMPHETAMINE which is what they say this is. It’s an AMPHETAMINE derivative, but it’s that chemically similar to AMPHETAMINE? Because an AMPHETAMINE is also gonna have this fellow group on the end.
So, structurally there’s a nitrogen atom in every one, but that’s about it. But that doesn’t mean guys, it doesn’t mean, because there are a lot of guys that use that and they’ve taken it wrong they say. Well, it’s great, it’s great stuff because it ‘s not chemically similar, but it has similar effects.
There is no doubt about it that it is a sympathomimetic drug, which means he’s gonna mimic the actions of the sympathetic nervous system, which means that you’re gonna get: Rapid heart rate, you’re gonna get increase blood pressure, you’re gonna have vassal constriction, you know? Those are all things that are gonna tend to elevate your heart bit, your heart rate, it’s gonna elevate your blood pressure and, guys, these are the kind of things that especially you can buy them in exertion activity, it can lead to a stoke.
Ok? I’m gonna go out and say that, I don’t care if other people have said it or not, it can lead to a stroke. It has actually been documented as having done such in people, there are studies out there that I’ll show, and now it’s being labeled as a party drug or so. So, I don’t care what people say. You wanna put 25 mg in your product, is what most have in there?
Fine, right? But I know that most guys don’t stick to one dose. A lot of guys want more, they feel like I’m a bigger guy and I need a little bit more, so I’m gonna put a little bit more on mine. Now you’re starting to play with trouble and I’m just saying guys, it’s not a smart idea. So, anybody that’s selling this stuff that has 1,3 DIMETHYL and wanna come attack me, I’m sure I’m welcoming the idea, but my point is, I’m just trying to help you guys out there, and ATHLEAN-X is kind of sort through some of the things that are worth it, and some of the things that I don’t think it worth to risk.
Now, let me ask you one final question: How do you think they get this, ability to have this? It’s banned by the World Doping, Anti-Doping Agency. How do you think they get this in your product? Just another trick with the supplement industry is that GERANIUM OIL which is where extracted from is an approved food product. It’s in other things, geranium oil is in other things, and it’s an approved food product. This is not an approved drug, ok? So, if you go and you claim the source, geranium oil, you can use this stuff.
So, is it right? No. Is it a little bit shady? I think so. But, basically guys I just wanted to kind of give you the run down, so that you can make your own educate decision. As far as alternatives go guys, how about sleep? You know sleep, good active recovery, getting yourself on a regular sleep cycle, eating well, good nutrition, hydration. You know if you wanna have some things for a natural birth, B vitamins, caffeine, there’s been a well researched supplement, well ….. Substance that you can have, you know and control them out.
It’s less that 250-300 mg, it’s even been dosed up to 600 mg on athlete and shown that it’s still tolerated. I wouldn’t suggest that but it’s tolerated, so .. You’ve got alternatives guys, you don’t need to start turning to this, and it’s just sort of my two senses and I figured you guys would benefit from it. Guys, if you haven’t been going, seen what’s been going on, I actually have a little review going on right now, on my blog, on athleanx.com/blog, where you’ll be able to sort of check out what I think top 5 bigger problems are with supplements today.
You can see that over the blog again, athleanx.com/blog. In the meantime guys, let’s just get ourselves in shape, how about that? You’re gonna feel a lot better and a lot more energetic, you won’t need any of this stuff, if you’re feeling good about yourself. To do that go to athleanx.com, grab that program guys, get the 90 days program, you’re here now, it’s summer time right around the corner, get in the best shape of your life and be proud of it and feel good and you’ll have energy, alright? I’ll see you guys again back here in the gym by next week, we’ll be back with the exercises.
I’ll see you then!