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POTW: What To Wear To The Gym

– Hi, happy Thursday.
Hope you’re having a wonderful day. I’m doing a little bit of work here on this lounge chair because it is a beautiful day in LA. So, it’s Thursday, which means it’s time for my pick of the week and this one is inspired by you and your emails and questions about how to achieve a put-together, comfortable, stylish outfit for the gym or for when you’re traveling or just running errands about town and you want to have a lazy day.
My pick of the week are these sweatpants by John Elliott. Now, the reason why I love these sweatpants is because well, John Elliott, all his pieces are essential items that are just created and constructed so damn well. I’ve worked with his pieces for years and I just think that they’re a cut above the rest in terms of the quality and construction of his items. So well worth the price.
But anyways, so you basically have three out of the four items in this outfit that I’m showing. You already have a great-fitting t-shirt in black or navy or white which won’t show any sweat if you’re sweating at the gym or sweating when you’re traveling around and then you already have a nice bomber jacket because like I’ve said in all of my videos, bomber jackets look so great on every body type out there.
Also, you already have some sneakers, whether it be tennis shoes or some nice athletic sneakers, so you already have the t-shirt, the bomber jacket, the sneaker. Now all you need to do is add a great pair of sweatpants to your wardrobe in order to create this very sharp outfit.
Now you can switch out the bomber jacket for a zip-up hoodie if you’d like but honestly, I highly recommend just sticking with this entire outfit. I love the bomber jacket with this look because I just think it helps elevate this entire outfit and really makes it stylish and put-together.
Be sure to check out the article which I’ll link in the video description below where I recreate this entire outfit and I also provide a budget-friendly version.
If you are one of the people that asked me to do a video about great gym and travel style, let me know if this has scratched your itch by leaving me a comment below and giving me a thumbs up. Thanks so much for watching, I’ll see you next Thursday for my pick of the week. Bye!