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How To Build A Sexy Back At Home (no pull up

– Hey what’s up guys, Jordan here and today I wanna show you the exercises that build a cobra back at home, no equipment. So i’m gonna take off my shirt if not you can’t see my back muscles. So the back muscles consist of the many many part of the muscles that build up the entire cobra back. Consist of trapezius, top. The rear delt, the rhomboids, the lats, also known as the wing.
And your lower back. First and foremost before I start here is a disclaimer and that is I don’t actually do all these exercises at home without gym equipment to achieve this physique. Right I actually do weights training, now this video is for those people who are dedicated to build a good physique at home without having the chance to go to the gym or just don’t feel like go to the gym all right?
So, although I am in a gym I can use dumbbell to demonstrate for you but I wanna show you what you can do even without dumbbell. Now, to build a good solid back you need to do a lot of vertical pull, also known as a lat pull, pull up, and rowing.
The problem with all these exercises you need a pull up bar, or you need a pair of dumbbell or you need a cable row. So at home, most probably you don’t have a pull up bar or if you attempt to row under the table things will happen, like the table will flip. So here are the exercise can really help you to train but I’ll break it down bit by bit part by part.
Now the first part I would like to teach you how to train at home is your lats, known as the wing. But first of all this is what you need. And that is two bottles of water. It can be 500 mL or it can be like this, 1.5 liters. And 1.5 liters is actually more than enough if you do it my way. So get down to the ground, in a prone position. So to get started, your arms from here you go down and from here you need to bring your arms up to the ceiling. Okay so by doing this you are actually activating the lats.
Obviously, this is not enough, this is why I recommend you to get started with a bottle. You can start with one single arm first. Here, and raise. If you feel comfortable you can use both arms it is a time saver and it’s little bit harder. Okay, so this is a very good way to train your lats without involving in pulling. So the next muscle group is your rear delt, right your rear delt and your inner upper back. So to do this, it’s very similar like a flys, you’re gonna need the bottle over here. And you’re gonna bend over, keep your body in a nice horizontal level, parallel and do this. Now this is classic but I personally like to modify a little bit to get my body into a more functional that trains not only your back but my core, and stability as well. Right so instead of doing this.
I would do this in a push up position, stance wider, and go up here and do your flys. Right so for this you can go up to 15 to 20 repetition right, once you complete because this is single arm switch to the other arm and do the same thing just like this. Stance wider. So go all the way inward, full range of motion and extend but don’t rotate, right. From here to here is good enough for the back.
This is not necessary, although it looks sexy it looks functional but it’s not really necessary. Now, this can be a little bit tough because you are in a full push up plank position, so what if you are already fatigued before your back gets fatigued you can actually do this version so instead of doing this, instead of doing this you can just put your knee on the floor, back straight, and just focus on your back.
It works the same, obviously this will gives you a little bit more challenge to strengthen your core, to burn calories but I would say that your goal is 15 reps but during the eight reps you’re shaking already you can do this version and finish off the remaining reps. To hit 15 to 20 repetitions. Now the last back exercise and that is the trapezius right so trapezius or traps, that’s what gives you the nice stability for your neck and your scapula and of course look stronger with taller traps and that is using bottle water.
What you need to do once again we need get ourself down in to prone position. So to do this is known as the back extension. I call this Superman back extension because you’re gonna look like Superman and it’s you’re gonna reach your arms forward from here, both arms grabbing the bottle water and now we’re gonna extend up. Keep your arms straight and make sure to keep your core tight.
Okay so this is not only training your traps but also the lower back, right, that I mentioned earlier, lower back is part of the back muscles so by doing extension, you’re training your lower back as well. So these are the exercises that trains your entire back, now if you’re still watching this video I have one bonus exercise for you.
And this is awesome, you can do this exercise like basically fire up the entire back. So this exercise is a combination of all three together in one. Remember from here, first exercise to train your lats, secondly flys for the rear delts the inner back upper back and last of all for the traps. So to do this, you need to use both water bottle. I strongly recommend you to start with 500 mL because this is pretty tough if you use 1.5 liters of water but if you’re strong enough come take the challenge. So to get started, you’re gonna start from the Superman position here.
Lying down, so here you’ve gotta extend your arms, extend and go all the way down to your hip and relax. Up all the way up, and this is one rep. It’s not easy but it works a lot. Yeah so haw many reps for this, five reps is good, yes, five reps. But remember, this, and this, is one rep. So to summarize up, how many repetitions, how many sets you should do in order to get a nice back.
Each exercise aim about 4 working sets, and if you’re ambitious enough to challenge yourself you can do it them like a circuit form right back to back. Four rounds. I would say a good start is try to aim 15 repetitions or 20 repetitions for the early first two to three exercise, which is the back retraction low angle for your lats. 15 or 20 reps, and then move on to the single arm reverse flys, 15 to 20 reps.
For each side and then you should change. And last of all the Superman extension, to train up your trapezius here and also your lower back, 15 or 20 reps and then add this if necessary, this is a bomb, five reps. All right so I hope you learnt something today, if you wanna learn other muscle group like how to train your chest at home, how to train your shoulder at home.
Check our my other videos at my YouTube channel I already made those video. It’s all about consistency, I would say try to train at least three to five times a week and yeah if you’re so serious in transforming your physique, home workout you hit the limit here I welcome you to check out my best coaching program here I’m offering free seven days trial all you need to do is visit cart right here and this is where you’ll get full access to my training program on what to do daily, day by day, what to eat weekly and all the knowledge you need to train in the gym to hit the muscles right.
I already did all the heavy lifting for you, it is a pain searching on YouTube on what is the right exercise for you, what is the best exercise for you, here you can save so much time but to get results in a faster way, so train consistent and I hope you enjoy this video, all the best. Peace.