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Gym Clothes = More Effective Workout? | 5 Proven Ways Clothing Can Affect Athletic Performance

Gym Clothes = More Effective Workout 5 Proven Ways Clothing Can Affect Athletic Performance. Can the clothing you wear affect the way you perform on the athletic field? The quick answer is yes, but how? What ways? Guys, that’s what today’s video is all about. I’ve got five ways in which the clothing you wear can have positive and negative effects, all of these backed by research. So, guys stick around it’s going to be fun video.
All right, gents let’s get right into the content, let’s talk about the first piece of athletic clothing which can lead to enhanced performance, that’s going to be compression clothing specifically compression clothing we’re talking about stockings, sleeves, we’re talking about tights worn in around the buttocks in the thigh area.
This is going to lead to basically better circulation. Now, that’s where it comes out of is actually out of the medical field when they were trying to encourage better circulation in the elderly. What they noticed though is that when younger and when athletes started trying to wear this they found, hey, I get better circulation and that reduces recovery time, it increases endurance.
And what we see is the research over the years there’s quite a bit of, it’s actually been a bit mixed on and off, but what they have been able to clearly prove is that there are psychological benefits because if you believe that this is going to improve your circulation, it feels good, you feel that you’re recovering faster, you actually are.
It’s one of those placebo things out there. You know it’s a very small improvement, but if you notice the difference, then you probably are experiencing it. Clothing item number two which improves athletic performance is going to be an item that actually brings in heat balance.
So, what we’re talking, you know, as you know you have a normal body temperature. Whenever you go out there and exercise that temperature starts to go up. But if you’re in an environment let’s say you’re in Austin, Texas during the summer, what do – how do a lot of guys dress when they go out jogging like that? They throw in a pair of shorts, running shoes, and they go out without a shirt on.
They’re out there in the hot sun during the mid day and they’re exposing themselves to heatstroke. Why not simply put on a hat to have that better temperature on your head? Why not wear actually a long sleeve wicking moisture light colored or semi-light colored shirt that simply does a great job of blocking off the sun rays out allows the – you sweat to dissipate and go right through and just does a better job of regulating your temperature?
Now, this isn’t always just because of the heat, it can be the extreme cold. Let’s say you’re over in Vancouver, Canada and it’s November. It’s kind of nice day in November, you’re going to go out hiking, but you know that the weather can change and that you can get rained out, some winds could come in, temperature could drop.
And, yeah, you’re going to be out there hiking you’re going to be going for a pretty long hike, what you want to make sure that you’ve got material that can actually block the wind can block the rain can actually when you’re out there jogging, it’s going to wick away moisture, so specialty jackets that are made for that kind of condition are something that’s probably worth investing in.
Now, gentlemen all the clothing you just saw is made by Strongbody Apparel and throughout this video, I’m going to be pulling up a number of their pieces. And for three years I’ve been using their gear and I can tell you this is the real deal and I mean there’s some great things about it; it’s moisture wicking, it’s lightweight, it has a four-way stretch, it’s incredibly comfortable, and it is durable. And that’s the one thing I want to stress on because guys these performance shorts right here, I’ve had this for three years.
I have worn and washed this hundreds. I mean seriously hundreds of times, they have maintained they sent me a new pair and when I’m looking at this I’m like, you know in three years this pair has held up amazingly well. Maybe there’s one stitch I was able to find that’s kind of falling apart. These are just my go-to favorite shorts. And they sent me another pair, so this is my third pair which just to let you guys know down in the comments I’m going to link over to this company. I want you to go check them out.
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Anything you want to put into your cart and grab, guys, one of my favorite companies. I’m proud to recommend them. Example number three of where clothing affects athletic performance is in body suits specifically we’re talking about body suits that reduce drag increase speed. So, let’s talk about swimming.
Polyurethane body suits were banned. Why? Because they actually reduce drag in some measurable tests by 40%. Now, think about that, if you have a 40% reduction in drag this suit gives you, you can have a swimmer who is actually athletically better, but because maybe he can’t afford to have that particular suit, another swimmer who has that is going to end up being in, so they went ahead and outlawed it.
But, what’s interesting is many other sports where you actually want to have a full suit such as long distance speed skating, it actually has been shown that the suits that they wear very important we’re talking about a 1% difference on race day. We also see they start to go into cycling and other sports like that. But, make sure if you’re going to be at the highest level, it is something you want to pay attention to what you’re wearing.
Now, let’s talk about the fourth way in which clothing can enhance athletic performance. Wear clothing that’s comfortable. Now, how do you judge comfort? You look at actually which clothing is going to be able to stand up to the extremes of you sweating of the temperature – with the temperature regulation.
Everything we talked about a little bit earlier, you want to look at at athletic clothing versus cotton. Now, I like cotton, I like cotton shirts. The problem with cotton is it soaks up moisture and then it doesn’t dissipate it very well versus the most – that a lot of the stuff out there specifically designed especially last ten years for sucking up moisture and then releasing it. Now, why does it do that? Because if you get down to the fabric level, you look at the actual textile at the – the fibers that are used here, a lot of the ones used they have like some they – they feel like silk, yet they have the durability of cotton or they’re sewn in a way that they’ve got a four way stretch.
All of these, the four-way stretch prevents hotspots even if you’re wearing it tightly. Cotton usually only has a two-way stretch and that that not even much of a stretch. So, all of a sudden you’ve got a big advantage there. Now, when it comes to moisture sucking, basically the way that the fibers are designed on cotton they’re not made to easily release water. But when you look at this on a lot of synthetic materials they’re going to be made and they’re going to be not much smoother and that’s going to allow the cotton the basically the water to go right through and to right out especially if it has the right type of weave.
So, those things right there are going to make it so that they can have something lighter something that’s going to breathe better, something that’s going to sweat better and at the end of the day is going to be much more enjoyable to wear and you’re going to reduce injury like let’s say you’re a long distance runner. Well, think about that, if you are wearing a cotton shirt after 20 miles, you’re training up for a marathon, what happens? You literally your nipples start to bleed because you’re rubbing them like – like – basically it’s like a sandpaper, but if you’ve got something that has a feel of silk and that has a very, you know, very soft feel to it, you’re just not going to have that same issues. More comfort, higher performance.
Example number five of how clothing can affect athletic performance is how the color of clothing can affect not only your mindset, but the mindset of the people watching the performance. So, these two colors right here, which one is more aggressive which one if I’m wearing it are you going to instantly think this guy is he’s just more aggressive?
It’s going to be black and you guys have probably heard me talk about this in other articles and videos, but if you’re wearing black, you are going to be perceived as more aggressive. Now, what’s interesting they did a study back in 1988 and they took notice – if you think about it in the NHL basically National Hockey League and the NFL, we see teams wear light colors wear dark colors if they’re home or they’re away.
time the teams wore back again and again, they were receiving more penalties versus whenever they were wearing their lighter colors. Why did this happen? They found it was two factors. One, the way the athletes perceived themselves. So, whenever they wore the black uniforms they view themselves as more aggressive. Now, here’s what’s interesting is other people even trained referees and people in the audience who didn’t even know the sport perceived those that were wearing black as more aggressive as well.
What his hap – what his basically this add up to is that the athletes were more aggressive. They were perceived as more aggressive by others and these two factors resulted in basically them getting more penalties. How do you use this to you advantage? Well, I just think I guess if you’ve got a team of people that aren’t very aggressive you’re in an aggressive sport, well, I would go about making sure that you choose black jerseys.
All right, gentlemen now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments what do you think of this video? Do you agree with the points I talked about? Maybe you disagree. And if you want more, you want the scientific studies, go check out the article I’m going to link to down in the description and over at Real Men Real Style, I’ll go into a lot more detail over there. So, if you want to expand on some of the points, I would love to hear from you.
Finally, gentlemen, go check out Strongbody Apparel. They were the paid sponsor of this video and more importantly they are a solid company that I’ve worked with for over three years. When they first sent me these shorts over three years ago, I loved them then, I love them now. And they have stood up to the test of time. I’ve worn and washed these over two hundred times.
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