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Does a High Protein Diet cause Kidney Disease? [WARNING: Myth Alert]

Hey, this is Dr. Berry for the next few minutes, let’s discuss whether protein is Bad for your kidneys will eating too much protein lead to kidney disease. This is a very relevant question as people lower the carbohydrate content of their diet Of course, they’re going to eat more fat, but most people are also going to eat more protein and there is this pervasive myth on the internet that Eating too much protein is bad for your kidneys.
It will harm your kidneys it will cause kidney failure. It will make existing kidney failure worse. Let’s talk about those concepts that myth and that big fat medical lie in this video now if you know someone who’s converting to a low-carb diet, whether that the keto low-carb high-fat.
Carnivore, whatever, please consider sharing this video with them You also have my permission to share this video In your keto or low-carb groups are on your personal Facebook on your Instagram It helps me to help more people when you share because so many people need to hear this now The ketogenic diet works. There’s no question about that we see hundreds of thousands of Testimonials and although this is anecdotal evidence when you have anecdotal evidence in the hundreds of thousands or millions a Good scientist doesn’t ignore that and of course we need more research to figure out exactly why these things are happening. We think we know but we need to know for sure.
But whether you’re doing a low carb high fat or a low carb high protein or even a carnivore diet. You’re gonna be eating more protein probably than you used to get and that may be a better quality protein but it’s protein nonetheless and there will be a friend or a family member or a co-worker who says. All that protein is gonna kill your kidneys. You’re gonna hear that.
I promise you when you when you’re eating a Triple burger and you’re just eating the meat and the cheese and the bacon. Someone’s gonna say all that protein is gonna mess up your kidneys. So let’s talk about that. Okay, there is absolutely zero. Research that shows this I’m not sure where this myth came from.
There are a few studies that were very poorly done years and years decades actually ago that seemed to show this but then there have actually been great studies that. Absolutely disprove this myth even in people with advanced stages of chronic kidney disease. Eating protein has no harmful effect on your kidneys. Whatsoever protein does not harm your kidneys.
Say it with me protein is not bad for your kidneys. Okay, that is a myth. That is not true anyone who says. Too much protein is bad for your kidneys. You can immediately switch them off because they are not a reputable source of health and nutrition information. They are far far behind on the reading they still believe in. Internet myths and they basically don’t know what they’re talking about.
I’m gonna link three studies down below that that Definitively show that even high protein diets Won’t harm your kidneys. Now the ketogenic diet I recommend for people is a high fat moderate protein very low carbohydrate diet for most people. Some people do better on a carnivore diet I noticed this more and more. I try to make my carnivore diet Which I’ve been eating for a year now.
I try to make it about half and half Fat and protein gram per gram not not calorie per calorie. And that does me very well. I’m satiated I feel great and every time I check my blood work my kidney function is still immaculate and so the tests that you may hear talked about or the B UN level that’s the blood urea nitrogen. Level you’ll hear the creatinine level not creatine, but creatinine level and you’re here.
You’ll hear about the GFR or the glomerular filtration rate That’s what you’ll hear about. Okay now really a Lot of times if if you’re be you in or your blood urea nitrogen Level is elevated. A lot of patients who don’t know better and a lot of doctors who should know better. Think that’s a sign of kidney damage But it’s not all that means is you’re just eating lots of protein if you eat lots of protein.
It might elevate your bu in that is not an indication of kidney damage. It means you had a lot and you have more urea in your bloodstream Urea is just a breakdown product when you eat protein. Which is broken down into amino Acids part of the the long-term cycle of that is you have an increased level of urea in your bloodstream Not a sign of kidney damage if your creatinine level is even one tenth of a point high.
You’ve got some kidney damage you you have at least stage one chronic kidney disease that was not caused by protein, my friend I promise okay if your Glomerular filtration rate is low. Then you’ve got you’ve got some kidney damage. You’ve got a problem there somewhere and you need to talk to your doctor about that. So What damages kidneys if it’s not protein because we all thought it was protein released. Some people thought that what actually does actually it’s the high carbohydrate diet.
We’ve been told to eat for the last 50 or 60 years. When I was a young boy, there was not a dialysis clinic within 200 miles of my home now. There’s a dialysis clinic on in every small town in America, and that’s not because people have been eating lots of protein.  That’s because people have been eating lots of processed carbohydrates and that is what destroys your kidney function.
So cut the carbs and stop worrying about the protein now. I’m going to do some more videos on this channel about protein Will it kick you out of ketosis will protein raise your insulin too high and turn off your fat loss. But that’s not what this video is about. So I’m gonna link the three studies in the show notes below and I want you to check those out and just remember if anybody Says, oh that’s a lot of protein that might harm your kidneys.
They are no longer a source of reputable health and nutrition information for you Okay, so if you enjoyed this video and you’d like to hear more videos like this combining the common sense the ancestry. And the research all into one big ball with a bowl on top, please consider subscribing to this channel and click the little bill Icon right beside the subscribe button that way every time.
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