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10 Golden tricks to control appetite

10 Golden tricks to control appetite. One of the big problems that we face when we try to follow a diet to lose weight (hypocaloric) or simply to maintain ourselves (normocaloric), is to control those irresistible desires that sometimes assail us when it comes to eating.
Well, today we give you these 10 Golden tricks to control appetite. Do you count the remaining minutes for your next meal?
Well, pay attention to these tips, because you may be able to overcome it more easily than you think. There are many factors that can influence and from Vitónica we will give you these 10 guidelines that will help you control them. Don’t forget to CLICK on the card on the top right of this video or the link in the description below and DOWNLOAD my FREE eBooks.
1. Avoid snacking and eating between meals: s Set some schedules and try not to skip them. Program your basic meals regularly (3-4 hours) and make a light and nutritious snack.
2. Chew slowly: Do not eat the race, give yourself time to chew and savor. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to send the signal to the stomach of satiety. If you go calmly you will control eating more than necessary.
3. Do not make the purchase with hunger: Try to go to the supermarket when you have already eaten, in this way you will avoid buying things that you crave and that you really do not need and do not come well.
4. Eat in quiet environments: Avoid eating in work areas or while doing other activities or watching TV. In these moments we are eating distracted and we have the possibility of eating more than necessary. Try to do it in a calm way and giving the body the opportunity to enjoy every bite.
5. Increase your fiber intake: Try to include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fiber is a good ally, thanks to being digested more slowly gives us that feeling of satiety for longer. For this time of year, it is ideal to eat salads, to which you can add proteins to get a complete diet.
6. Stay well hydrated: Drinking fluids is essential in any diet and we also achieve a satiety effect. If you are attacked by this irresistible desire to eat, try drinking a glass of water.
7. Get enough sleep: When we do not sleep the necessary hours we get up with that feeling of tiredness. Our appetite hormones are unbalanced and it is very likely that we will fall more easily into the trap of eating badly.
8. Control your emotions: Many times we get carried away by our state of mind. We do not eat because of hunger, but because of anxiety, boredom … and many of these times we devour just what we need the least. Try to control those moments.
9. Avoid foods that increase hunger: Limit foods such as sweets, cakes, pastries … that provide high blood sugar levels. Try replacing them with something that satisfies you and does not give you too many calories. A trick that we propose for summer time is ice cubes with flavored water (strawberry, mint, lime …) will satisfy you without hardly adding calories.
10. Practice sports on a regular basis: Besides being essential in your life and to keep fit, it will help to entertain you and motivate you and in this way try not to take refuge in food. Sometimes controlling these impulses to eat is not easy, but we hope that these tips will help you.
With willpower and discipline, you can achieve it and the most important thing is to always do it in a healthy way. Please let us know your opinions in the comments section below. (Source: https://www.vitonica.com) To learn more about 10 Golden tricks to control appetite, please SUBSCRIBE to this channel, SHARE this video with others, LIKE it, and DOWNLOAD the book FREE by clicking the link in the DESCRIPTION below