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1 Tip For Skinny Guys To Build Muscle

bjbj How Skinny Guys Can Build Muscle Mike Chang: Hey, what s up guys? This is Mike Chang with Six Pack Shortcuts. So, I want to make this video for all the skinny guys out there that are trying to put on weight but are just having difficulty doing so.
There re the natural 11:07 and usually pretty thin or if you have a skinny genetics and it s just been a prompt for your entire life to try to put on weight. So, right off the back, you ve probably heard this before. If you want to get bigger and you re skinny, the number one thing you need to do is eat and
I already know the challenges that you re running into because the problem is, you don t eat enough and if you don t eat enough, you re never going to be able to have the building blocks or have the nutrition or the calories to go ahead and put on the size, which is why you re always going to stay skinny. So, I m going to show you a couple of tips.
Number one is to go and help you eat more and kind of build up your appetite because that s going to be the very most important thing for you guys out there and the next thing is going to be how to lift weights.
So, you want to keep it very simple. You don t want to make it very complicated. Remember, gaining weight just like getting lean should be a super simple thing. There s only a few different steps you need to follow and don t worry about everything else. Don t over think it.
So, number one. How do we go ahead and eat more food? So, naturally, if you re a skinny guy, I can probably bet that a lot of times you re probably thinking, you know, I eat a lot of food and I m always easting and I can t gain a single pound. Well, the problem is, no matter how much food you think you re eating, your body is burning all of it off. So, at the end of the day, there s nothing extra and there s nothing extra you re not going to be able to gain weight because your body doesn t have any extra calories.
So, you got to eat more than what you re eating right now. Now, it doesn t matter if you re saying me, hey, Mike, you know dude, I m eating so much. Well, man, it doesn t matter. If you re eating a lot, you have to eat more and if you think you re eating tons and you can t eat anymore, you re still going to eat more. No matter how much food you re eating, if you want to gain weight, you got to eat more.
So, tip number one. A lot of times people are going to tell you this but when you re gaining weight, try to eat your favorite foods because naturally, you don t have an appetite, you re not eating very often and when you re eating a lot, you probably 02:11 eating, maybe one meal and giant one meal and then everything else is just kind of snacking here and there. So, you want to go ahead and make your appetite a lot higher by eating your favorite foods.
It is really fun because you don t have to worry about everybody else and start eating like trying to eat healthy foods and lean down and stuff like that and they can t — you know, hey, I can t rice, potatoes or I can t put these sauces or I can t have this because there s too much fat.
Man! You can eat everything. Now, if you go and talk to trainers, they re going to be like oh, no, you shouldn t eat pizza; you shouldn t eat burgers and blah, blah, blah. You know what, yes, those are the best foods for you but you got to keep in mind the number one thing that you need to do is get used to eating more and get used to having an appetite to eat more.
Later on, as you put on more size and then you want to clean it up and you want to start actually eating the healthy types of foods then you start cleaning up and you start eating the lean proteins and then the lean carbs and all the stuff but for now, don t worry about any of that. Y
ou want to stick with the simple basics, which is how to eat more. So, eat your favorite foods. Eat lasagna, eat cheese burgers, eat hamburgers if you like and if your favorite foods are healthy, 03:22 need the healthy stuff too but eat everything. When I was gaining weight, I ate everything in front of me. If it was pizza, I tried to eat a little less on the junk foods but it still doesn t matter. I was never really like skinny.
I was the total opposite. I had a big old belly and I was trying to get rid of it. So, if you re skinny, eat pizza if you like. Just eat all your favorite foods, so this way you get used to enjoying eating and you can always catch yourself eating more and more if you like the foods you eat.
The problem with most skinny guys is you don t like to eat. So, you got to get used to eating more often. So, that s tip number one, very important. Eat all your favorite foods. Don t worry about the healthy stuff; just eat your favorite stuff. Worry about the healthy stuff after you start putting on some size and start seeing some results. So, tip number two is, eat dessert. S
o, you re eating your meat, once you re done with it, if you have a little bit of room, eat some dessert. The best time to actually eat dessert would be a post workout meal, which means after you workout, if you re eating, you eat your meal; afterwards throw on some dessert if you like. Throw on some cake, throw on some ice-cream, throw on some cookies, throw on some croissants or some donuts or anything like that.
You just get to your mindset right when you re trying to gain weight. The more calories I eat, the bigger I get. Simply put. Now, you re probably thinking well, if I eat too much calories, I ll get fat. Well, if that does happen then you start cutting down the desserts and then you start balancing out the type of foods you eat.
You may not be able to eat all the favorite foods anymore but until you run into that prompt to where you re gaining too much weight and you want to go and shut it down, eat everything in front of you because most of the times, when I run into skinny guys and when I get comments, most skinny guys don t tell me, hey, you know, I was skinny and then I gain like 30 pounds and now you know, how do I cut it down.
Majority of the people are don t asking that question and the reason why is because they never got to the point where they gain a lot of weight. They re still right in the starting line and they re trying to gain weight and they just can t.
So, that s why I m telling you to number one, eat your favorite foods and number two, try to eat dessert. That s just another way to bump up those calories. So, tip number three also has to do with food and this is actually something I suggest to the guys that work with us and also for all of the skinny guys out there.
Set an alarm either on your phone or you can set an alarm on your computer, that basically go off every two hours and I want you to get in a habit of eating every two hours. Every time the alarm goes off, eat something. No matter, if it s a full meal, no matter if it s a half a meal, no matter if it s like snacks.
It could be bananas or fruits, granola bars, protein shakes, protein bars, you name it. You name it. I want you to get in the habit of eating. Alarm goes off. Bam, even if you re not hungry. Now, understand, in the beginning you re going to be like crap, you know I m still kind of full from the last meal.
Doesn’t matter, grab something and just eat it. No matter, if it s just like a little bar, if it s like a 100 calories, you know, a lot of these little bars, you can finish it with maybe three or four bites, no big deal. Even if that s the case and that s all you can put down, no problem. I m not asking you to really like stuff yourself to where you just can t walk and you just feel like food is about to come out of your throat.
Not doing that but I want you get in the habit of putting something in your mouth every two hours and eating, eating, eating, eating because imagine, when you look at big guys, you don t see them sitting around and not eating, you always see them munching out something. When they go out, you see them eating a big meal and they just don t finish like half of the plate, they clean the whole plate out and that s why, why, because their body needs those calories and that s also one way that they re even maintaining the weight and if you ever see me eat, same thing, I m trying to clean up everything. So, make sure that you set your alarm every two hours, eat something.
If you re hungry, eat a full meal, if you re not as hungry, eat a small snack but just get used to that habit of eating and later on, once you get used to that habit of eating, you won t feel like your force feeding because a lot of times, I know the one thing you re going to feel is you re going to feel like you re kind of force feeding, you re not hungry, what should I do. Just eat something, anyways even if it s a handful of nuts or a handful of M&Ms or candy.
Obviously, there re good foods and bad foods and don t worry about that for now because again, when you run into that problem of gaining too much weight, I ll make another video for you and let you know, hey guys, this is what you do now to go ahead and cut down that fat, until then, just eat something and get used to those habits.
Now, tip number four is workout.
If you eat and you follow those three tips on eating and you don t do the workouts, I guarantee you will get fat. All you re going to do is have a big belly and you start seeing fat gaining everywhere but if you workout, all those extra calories, majority of it is going to turn to muscle. You will carry on some extra fat, no big deal when you re trying to 08:18 up, worry about shutting that fat a little later. You re not going to be able to get six pack abs and gain weight at the same time. It s pretty much impossible.
So, don t worry about that, worry about putting on the size first. So, tip number four is working out. You want to workout about four days a week. Don t try to workout seven days a week and the reason why is because if you re skinny then your body naturally burns off a lot of calories and it s really hard to hold those extra calories in. So, if you re doing the workouts, you re basically burning extra calories, which means, you have to eat more. So, I don t want you to burn too much calories if you workout seven days a week.
So, it s more important when you re gaining size, make sure you get your nutrition in, make sure you get your rest, make sure to sleep eight hours and when it comes to working out, you only want to workout about four days a week and you want to do that for about a month or two months. So, this way you have three days to recover and also during those three days, just because you re not working out, it doesn t mean you re not eating, you re still following the same rules and just putting everything down.
When it comes to your workouts, very important number one, you got to do compound movements. Compound movements are pretty much anything that s multi-joined, So, I m going to name some examples. Bench press is a compound movement, standing military press, basically a compound movement but squats, dead lifts, all compound movements. You want to go ahead and pretty much use as much free weights as you can, so this way you can use 09:41 stabilize your muscles.
Lift heavy, good form and stay consistent on it four days a week. If you want to go ahead and build a thick chest, you can t go with light weights and just doing a whole bunch of pushups, you got bench press. You got to grab heavy dumbbells and go with good form and do chest presses. The only way you can allow your muscles to get bigger is to force them to get bigger and the only way you can force them to get bigger is to use a weight that s heavy enough, so they have to get bigger. I want you to think about this way.
Your muscles are only be as strong as they need to be. So, if you re grabbing let s say 20 pound dumbbell and you re doing like chest presses because you want to your chest get bigger, well, your chest will get just big enough to handle that 20 pounds of dumbbells. So, now if you wanted to get bigger than that you have to grab let s say 30 pound dumbbells and of course, in the beginning, it s going to be kind of tough because your chest is not used to pressing down weight but because you re still trying to do it, your body is going to force your chest. You re basically forcing your chest to be able to handle 30 pound dumbbells.
So, what does it do? They have to go ahead and get bigger in order to handle that weight and eventually you keep moving up and keep moving up and keep moving up until your muscles get bigger and bigger and bigger. So, don t forget those four tips. Number one, eat your favorite foods. Doesn’t matter what it is, just put it down, get used to liking to eat and building up your appetite. Number two, eat desserts. Desserts are really good for post workout meals.
Right after your workout, eat your meal and then eat a dessert and if you like you can eat desserts any other time too and desserts, whatever you like.
Number three, set your alarm every two hours to eat something. It can be a full meal or it could be a snack. Just eat and get used to constantly eating and number four, make sure to workout or you ll get fat. Compound movements four days a week and your workout should last anywhere from about 30 minute to about 45 minutes. Make sure to lift heavy, make sure to use free weights and make sure you have good form.
Leave your comments below. Let me know of this video s help and let me know what else type of tips I can give you out guys, all you skinny guys out there to help you guys really put on the size, get ready for the summer and get just move on.
So, more workouts, nutrition tips and how to out on size and how to gain weight, check out SixpackShortcuts.com. Thanks for watching guys. Hope you enjoyed the video. See you in the next one, later.